About Powerful Women Magazine

Powerful Women Magazine is an online and print magazine by women, featuring women, for women.

Originally distributed locally in Ontario, Canada as a pocket-book-size print magazine, it was also published online for a global audience. All back issues are online and available for reading at www.powerfulwomen.ca.

In 2016, after a longer than anticipated hiatus, by popular demand, the Publisher has decided to relaunch Powerful Women Magazine

Powerful Women Magazine is published by Kaz Design Works a graphic and website design company located in Ontario, Canada.

Mission and Vision

The magazine’s mission is to inform, inspire and influence women around the world in many walks of life, but is ultimately aimed at women considering starting, or already running a business who need a little inspiration, motivation and/or support.

Our vision is for all women to feel they are not alone in whatever journey they are on, whether it’s starting a new career or business, promoting to a new position, growing or expanding a successful business, or searching for who they really are.