Dr. Esther Ngumbi is a Post-Doctoral Fellow with the Entomology Department at Auburn University.  She is a Food Security Fellow with The Aspen Institute. A native of Kwale County, Kenya, she continues to be a global leader and is passionate about issues of hunger, gender, education, youth activism, agriculture and sustainability.  She is a motivational speaker and has given talks in several Universities including: Kansas State, Texas Tech, and North Carolina State. Esther is a Founder of Several Initiatives including OYESKA GREENS and Spring Break Kenya. She and her parents have established Dr. Ndumi Faulu Academy in Kenya.

Esther was a finalist for President Clinton Global Hunger Leadership Award and a recipient for the American Association of University Women International Fellowship. Esther was named by One World Action as one of 100 Women: The Unseen Powerful Women Who Change the World and is serving as a Clinton Global University Initiative Commitment Mentor for Agriculture.